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Low-Cost Car Insurance is Not a Myth

Car insurance is one of those things everyone wants to pay less for, yet, when it comes to finding a better price we stall. Ignite your savings and compare auto insurance rates today because rates often change and the insurer who gave you the best rate for your old set of wheels may no longer offer you the best deal now. Simply enter your postal code in the form above to find the best available program for your new car.

Car Insurance Saving Tips

Increase your Deductible

The higher your deductible the lower your car insurance policy's premiums. Many people plan for the "what if" situation, but the fact is you can save anywhere from five to ten percent if you increase your collision and comprehensive deductibles to $1,000. If you can afford to have a higher out-of-pocket cost if something happens to your car, this is worth considering.

Drive Safely

Your driving record is a major player in determining what you pay for car insurance. At-fault accidents and tickets can really add up and end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessarily high insurance costs in the years it takes to clear off your driving record.

Bundle Your Policies

We all know bundling phone, internet and television services can help you save money, and it's the same with insurance too. If you get your auto insurance and property insurance (home, condo, or tenant insurance) from the same company then you'll likely qualify for a discount. The discount could save you from five to fifteen perfect off of one, or even both of your policices.

Drive Safely

Shopping around will likely net you the biggest savings of all, so compare auto insurance rates regularly to help keep your insurance premiums under control.

You should spot check that you're still getting hte best car insurance rate every year before you renew at minimum, but you should also compare rates when you:

  • Buy a new car
  • Move
  • Change jobs
  • Get married (or divorced)
  • Get a traffic ticket
  • Are involved in a collision

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